Our research group currently has the following openings:

  • Master students: We are looking for 1-2 masters’ students who will join us in Fall 2023. Master students will be self-funded, but the admission requirement for master students is much lower than PhD students. Master students will earn valuable technical skills and research experience by participating in the research projects of our lab. This option is suitable for students who don’t have much existing research experience but are willing to learn. Application deadline is May 1st, 2023. Please note that the advisor of master students is randomly assigned in our department. If you are interested in working with me, please contact our Graduate Student Coordinator Wendy Zitzka to let her know your interest.

For any questions about the positions above, please contact Dr. Yingjie Hu. The application page is at: http://www.buffalo.edu/cas/geography/about-us/admissions.html

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