UB Geography student group photo on August 24th, 2022

Best wishes to the 30th anniversary for the International Association of the Chinese Professionals in GIS (CPGIS) on August 12th, 2022

Making coffee for group members during the group meeting on August 5th, 2022

Visit of UB Geography alumna Yanjia Cao on May 21th, 2022 (Lab members in the photo include Ryan Zhou, Wei Liu, Yue Ma, and Yingjie Hu with some of the graduate students in UB Geography.)

Snow hiking on February 20th, 2022

Dr. Michael Goodchild visiting UB Geography on October 22nd, 2021 (Lab members in the photo: Tev’ye Davis, Yue Ma, and Wei Liu)

GeoAI Lab group photo on September 17th, 2021 (Lab members: Wei Liu, Ryan Zhou, Yingjie Hu, Tev’ye Davis, and Yue Ma)

Cherry blossom in Buffalo Delaware park in April 2021.

Yingjie Hu leading a virtual workshop during the COVID-19 pandemic on February 13th, 2021

Canadian geese on UB campus during the covid shutdown in May 2020.

Making a video to support Wuhan in early 2020 (before the US became the epicenter of covid…) Lab members: Jimin Wang, Kai Sun, Yingjie Hu, and Ting Chang.

2019 Geography Department Christmas party

Yingjie Hu in an invited GIScience talk in Singapore on May 23, 2019

Earth Day poster presentation on April 27, 2019 (Lab member in the photo: Jimin Wang)

Wilkeson Quadrangle (Geography Department building) in Autumn 2018

Department of Geography at UB

UB Geography undergraduates learning map projection

UB campus in the evening