GeoAI Lab is established at UB

The Geospatial Artificial Intelligence (GeoAI) Lab is established within the Department of Geography at the University at Buffalo. Our lab members share research interests in geospatial analysis and artificial intelligence, and aim to advance GIScience by developing intelligent GI systems and discovering knowledge from big geo data.

UB Geography has a top-tier GIS program in the world. This department is the home to one of the three National Centers for Geographic Information Analysis (NCGIA), and has trained so many excellent GIS professionals who play active roles in academia, industry, and government agencies. UB Geography is also the home department of a great GIS pioneer, Dr. David Mark, whose work has influenced many ideas of our group.  NCGIA-UB conducts cutting-edge and interdisciplinary GIScience research by convening scholars from many different departments across the three UB campuses. We believe UB Geography and UCGIA will provide an excellent environment for the GeoAI Lab to grow!