New editorial on GeoAI published in International Journal of Geographical Information Science

What is the current state-of-the-art in integrating results from artificial intelligence research into geographic information science and the earth sciences more broadly? Does GeoAI research contribute to the broader field of AI, or does it merely apply existing results? What are the historical roots of GeoAI? Are there core topics and maybe even moonshots that jointly drive this emerging community forward? We answer these questions in our recent editorial by providing an overview of past and present work, explain how a change in data culture is fueling the rapid growth of GeoAI work, and point to future research directions that may serve as common measures of success.

The full GeoAI editorial on IJGIS:
Janowicz, K., Gao, S., McKenzie, G., Hu, Y. & Bhaduri, B. (2020): GeoAI: Spatially explicit artificial intelligence techniques for geographic knowledge discovery and beyond, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 34(4), 625-636. [PDF]

The entire special issue can be accessed here.