New paper on the panel discussion of geospatial humanities published in the International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing

Andris, C., Ayers, E., Grossner, K., Hu, Y., Hart, K., Thatcher, J., Tally Jr, R.T. and Giordano, A., 2020. Towards Geospatial Humanities: Reflections from Two Panels. International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing, 14(1-2), pp.6-26. [PDF]

This paper is based on the panel discussion at the 2019 UCGIS Symposium on the Geospatial Humanities. We discussed the opportunities and challenges for conducting interdisciplinary research integrating GIScience and humanities as well as preparing students with necessary data analysis and visualization skills for geospatial humanities work. Very interesting panel discussion and a lot of research possibilities!