Congratulations to lab member Jimin Wang on finishing his master thesis on Advancing Spatial and Textual Analysis with GeoAI

Our lab member, Jimin Wang, recently completed his MS in GIS degree. His master project focuses on Advancing Spatial and Textual Analysis with GeoAI. Particularly, Jimin has published three related papers on this topic, which are:

Jimin’s master committee members are Dr. Yingjie Hu and Dr. Enki Yoo. In addition, Dr. Kenneth Joseph also provided guidance to Jimin’s research.

Moving forward, Jimin has received a fellowship package from UB’s PhD Excellence Initiative which aims to “recruiting the very best PhD students and providing them with transformative academic programs that prepare them for future success”. Jimin will continue his study as a PhD student in our GeoAI Lab, and we look forward to his new achievements in the coming years.

Congratulations again, Jimin!