The PhD program of UB Geography has become a STEM program

The PhD program of UB Geography has officially been classified as a STEM program under the category “Geography and Environmental Studies” (30.4401). According to the definition from the U.S. government, this category refers to a program “that focuses on interactions between people and the natural and built environments. Includes instruction in climate science, sustainability, environmental science and policy, research methods, geographic information systems (GIS), human geography, physical geography, remote sensing, and public policy.

Being classified as STEM allows our program to encourage more students to participate in STEM-related research. International students graduating from our PhD program will also have 36 months OPT which allows them to further hone their research and technical skills in the U.S. after graduation. Our Master’s in GIS program is in STEM too. If you are interested in applying for the graduate programs of UB Geography, please apply at: